Sunday, August 14, 2011

Radio Silence


A quick update for everyone about hours and getting ready for the new school year.

I haven't been producing videos the past couple weeks because we're getting new laptops and I'm currently without mine. When I get the chance I'll post a video detailing the past few weeks, and reviewing the summer overall. Also, facebook and twitter should start seeing more updates soon as well.

Second, my hours over the past two weeks add up to 14.5, adding up to a grand total of 75 hours! That's not that much over the span of the summer, of course, but it's 75 more hours than most people would have assumed. I had a personal goal of 100 hours, but I've really enjoyed myself and relaxed this summer. I feel much more at peace and ready to tackle the challenges of my new students and classes.

The past two weeks have been a tough balancing act of preparing for the new school year while also trying to enjoy my last days of freedom for the next ten months. I feel guilty doing either, so my first day back is quite a relief!

I may be going in this afternoon to work on the classroom. Forty-odd teachers swapped rooms this summer, so it's time to arrange desks & tables, put up posters, and stack the bookshelves. Maybe I can bring my summer total to 80 hours, or two week's time.

Students are back on Thursday, I have meetings and conferences starting tomorrow. Time to enjoy one last day as a free man. Good luck everyone and have a great year once you begin!

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