Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week Four Hours & International Invitation


This week's video may be my shortest & most to the point yet. Partly because I didn't work very much this week, and partly to counteract last week's soapbox. Regardless, here it is...

Once more, I'd really like to hear thoughts from those abroad. Here in America we're constantly bombarded by politicians and the media about how we're falling behind on the global scene. I'm not a very competitive person, and I don't put much stock into the notion that we're somehow in competition with other nations. I've never thought the only purpose of education was to get a job...

Secondly, I'd like to give a shout out to David Sabine of Canada and Alicia Pashby of Ukraine! They've joined the google spreadsheet document that can be found here: Google Doc Spreadsheet If you're feeling courageous, or just frustrated, please join! If you have problems adding yourself to the document please e-mail me and I will give you access rights.

For those who use Facebook - I'm not really sure how to utilize it to the best of its abilities. I just thought it was a good idea to snatch up all the "2,000 Hour" sites I could. So far all I've been posting is videos, but now I've also added "Facebook Exclusives!" That's a fancy way of saying I divulge some behind the scenes information on the web series. If you have Facebook search for 2,000 Hours and like it! Also, if you have thoughts on how I could use the site more effectively I'm all ears.

Thanks everyone, have a great week!


  1. Hi Charles,

    As I have already said, I would like to join you in recording my hours for a year and am blogging at

    I have tried to edit the time recording spreadsheet, but cannot. What information do you need to give me permission and how do I send it to you?



  2. Well Charles, I'm with you in earnest now. Rules for counting posted on blog. hope I can stay the course.

    You may or may not have heard that some teachers took strikle action over here in the UK last Thursday. This is over the fact that they want to make sweeping changes to the teachers pension. To cut a long story short that want us to pay more, work longer and recieve a lower pension. I would say I understand that the pensions have to be affordable for the tax payer but three body blows in one seems a bit harsh!


  3. I'm a teacher / teacher-librarian here in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada and I love this idea. I've posted about it on Facebook and on Twitter...hoping to get some other local teachers interested in it. We are facing all kinds of issues here in Sask. Our Ministry of Education just rolled out all new curriculums for every grade and every subject over the last two years. If you teach elementary and several subjects that is a lot of new planning and learning! On top of that we are in the midst of a contract dispute over wages. Our current contract is expired and we have to go through a collective bargaining process with our Provincial Government to negotiate a new one every couple years. We are unable to agree on negotiating this one. Through 3 strike days and a week of "no extra-curricular" in May we still don't have an agreement. The reasons you site for why you are logging your hours are the very reasons for why we are asking for a better contract. The Ministry is passing down new innitiatives and new curriculums but not giving us the resources, time or compensation to plan and teach it all. Very frustrating. I would like to see this idea catch on here and let our Government and the public know why we deserve a better contract. It's hard to read the comments on websites and articles in the paper calling us lazy and how we only work from 9-3:30 with summers off. Clearly this is an issue with teachers all over the world, so Thank You for your blog!