Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week Two Hours & Google Document


I'm a little ahead of schedule this week and thought I may as well post this today.

I actually worked this week! Three days in the office and then a few hours at home. I got a lot of great work done on my American Literature calendar for next year.  This upcoming week I'm looking to devote time to creating my Moodle sites and more prep work for the G.R.E.

I set up a Google Document for us this morning, feel free to access at the following.

Google Doc 2,000 Hours Spreadsheet

Remember, keep a hard copy near and private.

Also, remember to enjoy yourself and relax! If you love classic Spielberg films do yourself a favor and check out Super 8 this weekend. I haven't been awed by a film like that since District 9.


  1. Just stopping by, Chuck, to wish you good luck and let you know that you'll be on my blog in the morning. I admire what you're doing and hope you'll tell the story well. Few people know or understand how HARD it is to be a teacher. I hope you'll jump in our network of educators online and link up on Twitter and everywhere else. I'm a well wisher, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you in your endeavor!

  2. I just featured your post on my blog that shows teachers' reflections from the school year. You can view it here:

    - @ATLTeacher on Twitter

  3. I, too, will be sharing your blog. Great idea!

  4. I am not a teacher, but completely support the message you are trying to convey. My concern is that a teacher is much more than the hours that you put in, and I hope that people do not loose sight of that. I work in IT so need to work many nights and weekends over and above the standard 40 hour works week. If I kept track of that, I would probably change jobs...Good Luck and all the best! (and don't forget your IT support guys!)

  5. Chuck, you're my new hero! I've written about this project on my blog and am spreading the word to everyone within the sound of my tweets. Keep on, keeping on, brother!


  6. I'm so glad you're doing this. It's really spurred me to keep track of the time I devote to school-related work. I started my spreadsheet on my first day of summer and have logged almost 12 hours spent on work so far. However, that will probably triple in the next couple of weeks as I have some inservice and meetings to attend.