Friday, June 3, 2011

First Reactions & Quick Preview of Sunday Night


I've been out of town the past 36 hours without an internet connection, so I apologize about the radio silence.  It's been welcoming, but a little overwhelming to see the response so far. I hope I'm up for the challenge!

Here's a few quick responses to the general comments that have been made so far.

1) I will be posting my rules and justification of them on Sunday.
2) Along with my rules will be an official time card, if you will.
3) I'd love to be able to create a website or cloud document to organize hundreds or thousands of teacher's logs. I'd welcome suggestions on that topic.
4) Hello to all my international colleagues! As American schools are currently being negatively favored to schools abroad I am very curious to hear international opinions of American schools and students!
5) I really like the tone of the discourse so far. Opinionated, but respectful. Please keep that up!

I did some filming tonight for my rules video coming on Sunday night. I hope to post videos on Sunday nights for the next year, and intermittent writings. I'm sure they will ebb and flow as the year progresses.

Thanks to everyone for the kind and encouraging words! Keep spreading the idea and stay strong!



  1. You could put a Google Doc Form on your blog for teachers to submit their hours. On your end it will compile in a spreadsheet in GDocs and you can use calculations to sum the hours, etc.

  2. Hashtag for Twitter: #2000hours ?

    Great idea!

    Best regards from Germany,


  3. Looking forward to sharing your journey!

  4. Have you looked at Daytum to track your time? You can set up categories and make some interesting graphs. It's a little confusing initially setting up the categories and items, but when it's configured you can track planning, prep, extra-curr etc.
    Plus there is a free iOS app now.

  5. Hi Chuck,
    This is Alicia, a teacher in Kiev, Ukraine! Even though I am teaching internationally, I am an American citizen. I can honestly say that I find teaching internationally to be much more rewarding then teaching in the United States. Teaching a single subject (primary school music) is more valued and has more job security over here. I may never come back to the States!

    With that in mind, it would be very interesting to try your experiment to enlighten ex-pats here and friends back in the States. Since you started the project over your summer break, I will wait for one more week when my school officially ends for the summer to begin the experiment. I look forward to joining you!